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Do you find yourself wondering how your child is doing throughout the day while they are at school? Do you wish you could be more engaged in what your child is learning each day? I know from experience as a teacher and mother that positive parent-school communication is paramount to a child’s school success. Here are some easy ways to stay informed and get involved.

  1. Sign up to receive message updates via text or email with Remind. This is an easy way to get current updates on important events and day to day happenings at school.  Remind Instructions For Parents
  2. Check your child’s backpack every day but especially on Friday.
  3. Ask your child what they learned at school and do not believe them if they say “nothing”. Ask pressing questions such as; Where did your feet take you? What did you see? What is one thing your teacher said? What did you hear? This will help facilitate discussions and get students talking about the highlights of their day.
  4. Make sure that I have your current email and phone number so that I can reach you easily. Let me know what the best way is for me to reach you.
  5. Visit! Sit in on a part of our day, have lunch with us or volunteer to help. Your presence at school speaks volumes and sends the clear message that school is important!

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